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  • The Appliance of Science is Back!

    Back by popular demand! Zanussi Professional catering equipment is back in the UK.
  • How can you be sure?

    That the investment you are making in your catering business will be spent to the best effect?
  • The answer...

    Is to work with a company that can guide you through from inception to completion and go on to support you when your business is up and running.
  • We put the pieces together...

    With over 68 years of experience who else can be better qualified?
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Welcome to Allsop and Pitts one of the UK's oldest and most trusted catering equipment suppliers. A family run company with over 68 years’ experience in the catering industry we have a large range of skills and expertise and stock a huge range of products to suit a wide variety of catering needs.

Browse from a large range of catering supplies today to choose from the worlds best brands from manufacturers such as Lincat Cateting Equipment, Electrolux Professional and Rational Ovens.