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Heartlands Project Cornwall

Allsop & Pitts in the Heart of Cornwall!

The Heartlands development is centered around the Robinsons Shaft mine complex between Camborne and Redruth in Cornwall providing a wide variety of facilities for locals and visitors. Within the extensive complex we have installed two kitchens, a café and a catering system to feed individual visitors and large-scale functions with ease.

The Red River Café has a production kitchen equipped to cook and chill large quantities of food for functions and then convert to provide a high quality cafeteria service. The equipment and facilities include:

Combi Duo stack of 6 grid combination ovens
Multi function cooker
Induction Hob
Blast Chiller
Dedicated bakery
Dedicated fresh vegetable preparation area
Walk in chilled and frozen storage
Central dishwash area.

And in the Café

  • Bespoke food servery with Corian and laminate finishes
  • Bespoke grab’n’go servery with till station
  • Cutlery pick up point
  • Special back bar section with Corian storage unit over.
  • Bar equipment including bottle coolers and glasswasher

The Chy An Bobel (Heart of the People) building has a function kitchen designed for efficiently portioning and finishing plated meals using the bulk food cooked and chilled in the Red River production kitchen. The equipment here includes:

  • A 20 grid combination oven that will finish 120 meals in just a few minutes
  • Two mobile plate racks with Thermal Covers that ensures up to 240 meals can be kept at optimum serving temperature.
  • Tabling and refrigeration.
  • Dishwash system with extra tabling to allow large numbers of plates to be handled easily.
  • Bar equipment including bottle cooler, wine cooler and ice machine.

To get this new landmark destination up and running Allsop and Pitts also supplied all of the personalized plates, bowls, cups, saucers, cutlery, trays, pots, pans, the list goes on!

Heartlands will enable Cornwall and its visitors to Live, Work, Learn and Play and Allsop and Pitts have ensured that they will also Eat and Drink.