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Lockleaze Sports Centre

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D.R. Jones Building group engaged Allsop & Pitts to assist with the design, and install for the new commercial kitchen at the new impressive Lockleaze Sports Centre in Bristol.  As this was to be a multi-function kitchen for use of the Rugby Players breakfast and lunches on match days, function cooking for private use of the new halls and various other uses that the client would like to use this centre for.

A Multi-function Kitchen

This was designed as a 2 in 1 kitchen with two separate cooklines and areas, one for every day cooked breakfasts, fast cooked meals for match days and while the other cookline to incorportate areas and equipment for function and event cooking, incorporating a shared pass through dishwash area.

This was an ever changing project, with many variations along the way, working closely with the builder for the perfect outcome for the client.

in conclusion… A challenge is always welcome

“I would just like to mention how impressed I have been with Allsop & Pitts regarding the kitchen installation for our Lockleaze pavilion project. You have always been helpful and practical regarding our ever changing programme due to the number of issues we had on site. As a hole the installation went very well and client is very happy with the end product.  Thank you again for all your help and patience.”